Stanley Garage Door Opener Repair

In the last post, I was talking about general problems people have with their garage doors. Since this site is focused on Stanley doors, I’ll now give you some insight in the problems and solutions for this brand particularly. This is one more step I’m doing in order to help you figure out your garage door and save some money. If you don’t have time to read, learn and to the repairs by yourself, I suggest you call a professional right away. But if you do have time and want to save money, along with learning something new, read on.

For long Stanley Garage door openers enjoyed a wide popularity and even now you may find many homes using these. Some of these may be as old as twenty years but still working without their owners knowing that that they a own a piece of history pertaining to garage door opener! Sometimes one comes across an old garage door opener working on the motor and gear arrangement only with no sight of its housing. If you can get original parts for Stanley Garage door opener, you’ll find it the easiest to repair. Though there are a couple of manufacturers of these parts, users complain that at times the parts they receive don’t fit appropriately.

The most important precaution that you need to take before getting started with the repairs of any garage door opener is to switch off the power supply to the system. In case you are using a plug and socket arrangement, make sure to remove the plug from its socket and disengage the clamp attaching the chain to the door of the garage. If you are not familiar with the operation of the garage door opener, it could prove dangerous to undertake its repairs. You should understand that garage door is the largest and heaviest moving item in your home and it could seriously hurt you and others if you are not too sure of what you are trying to do. So, the best way to understand its working is to look for Stanley Garage door manual before attempting anything with the door. If you are unable to locate it, may be you could borrow it from someone or look for one on eBay. It’s important to buy the manual meant for your specific model of door.

The most sought after part of Stanley garage door opener is the remote. It’s not easy to get a universal remote that works with a Stanley garage door opener. Once again, you need to check with or Craigslist.

The Usual Problems With Stanley

A retired home inspector, having dealt with innumerable old Stanley garage door openers, warns people on a particular feature of door openers. Many of the old models of these door openers which are still in operation lack that auto reverse feature. He refers to the two small light sensors fixed at the lower edges of the door tracks to reverse the door and thus prevent users and pets from getting packed down by the door. If your Stanley garage door opener or any other brand for that matter lacks those sensors, you must get the door replaced. Further, if the sensors positioned in the garage ceiling are pointing towards each other, they wouldn’t reverse. That’s a massive safety issue. It could kill anyone if he accidentally gets trapped under the door. If you are unable to rectify the sensors, you must ask for help from a trained technician of garage door openers.

Detecting And Fixing Garage Door Opener Issues

I think that most of you would save money if you would take care of some minor garage door opener problems yourself. I managed to think of several problems that appear the most in US households, or should I say garages.

We all know that mere pressing of a button or key in the remote does the job – opens and closes the doors. The design of such garage doors incorporates many electronic components and the failure of any of these can lead to erratic operation of the door. Some of the minor problems can be taken care of without seeking any help from a professional given that you know what the different components of the system are and how they work.

The garage door system comprises of optic sensors, transmitters, remote control, tracks, wiring, rollers, motor, chains, door and switch etc. The operation of a garage door is rather simple. The door opens when the motor rotates in the clockwise directions. Then, the limit switches make the motor rotate in an anti-clockwise direction, which causes the door to close. These limit switches are very precisely programmed to open and close the door. The rotating motion is converted to mechanical motion by the chains, which causes the opening of the door. Usually, the cause of malfunctioning of the door is due any of these components. The usual problems that you may come across are:

Non-Responsive Garage Door Opener Remote

If the door can be opened using the internal button but wouldn’t open with the remote, the problem is certainly with the remote. You may replace the batteries and see if it works. It fails to work; you should check its program, using instructions provided by the manufacturer and reprogram it. If it still refuses to work, you need to buy a remote as in all probability the remote itself is defective.

You Can’t Open The Garage Door

Leave aside the remote; the garage door refuses to open even with the internal button. In this case you need to ensure that the motor is running. There might be some debris in the tracks blocking the movement of the door. If you find everything to be in place and yet the door wouldn’t work, it is time for you to ask for some professional help. It indicates some problem with the opener which could need some repairs.

Garage Door Makes Unusual Noises

The most common reason for this kind of malfunctioning is inadequate lubrication of the tracks. Otherwise, it could be due debris that gets collected in the tracks. So, the correction is very easy. Just clean the tracks of debris and lubricate the same properly.

Opening And Closing On Its Own

If the garage door begins to open or close on its own, most likely there is a short circuit in the wiring or transmitters. First, check the transmitter for any short circuit. A short circuit in the transmitter prompts it to send signal continuously. So, the door appears to be closing fully, but no sooner the arm run and the carriage surpass the downward limit to hit the header, the action is reversed and the door starts to open. Remove the batteries from the transmitters and try again. If the problem persists, it indicates a short circuit in the wiring and needs replacement.

The present generation of garage door opening systems is technically advanced and uses monitors that display the likely cause of problem and also its troubleshooting tip. That’s indeed of great help to users of such doors as it saves them the time and trouble of detecting the problem. You can expect such systems to offer trouble free performance if you just take care to perform routine maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer.

Stanley Garage Door Opener Reviews

Stanley garage door opener is among those innumerable garage door mechanisms that are supposed to provide safety, security and convenience for all times. Here are some of the features incorporated in these operators, in case you are considering having one for your garage:

Headed by Frederick Stanley, the company started its manufacturing activities in 1843 in Connecticut. Primarily it catered to the requirements of people needing hardware items prepared using wrought iron. It that era it was quite challenging to successfully run business dealing in metals. It’s therefore a big achievement that the company could survive all the difficulties of that time.

So, you can see as on date the company has a rich experience of more than a century and a half. This business enterprise knows the ins and outs of producing openers.

Unfortunately, it’s rather hard to procure any accurate information of the internal features of the garage openers produced by the company and we have had to depend largely on the experiences conveyed to us by the users of this product and the services provided by the company.

As most of their business these days is centered on commercial establishments, there isn’t much to write about the products offered for residential use. As per the latest reports available, they discontinued with the manufacturing of products for residences.

The door closers and openers offered by the company to commercial establishments have these distinct features:

Low energy Consumption

Any commercial establishment will understandably accord top priority to the security of the building at a reasonable expense. The prices of Stanley products are very competitive and it offers attractive package deals. Over and above all that, their equipment consumes less power, making the operation of the device very economical.


The product design takes into consideration the ease of the disabled users. The product conforms to ADA civil rights law, thus ensuring the ease of its operation for the handicapped users.

Easy To Maneuver And To Manipulate

The functioning of the openers for garage doors is quite easy to follow. Usually, merely touching a button or pushing of a switch, without having to depend on other supporting devices, can open these very conveniently.

Obstruction Detection

The design of the machine incorporates a sensor that detects if anything is obstructing the door. So, the door can’t crash into something else and that prevents further mishaps.

The warranty service presented by Stanley garage door openers is also worth pointing out. It offers a minimum warranty of 2 years on all the parts and labors to customers, thus providing complete security to their purchase.

Though the company no more produces items for residential applications, they continue to follow stringent quality control measures, despite catering to a larger market of commercial establishments. The design of the product, and well thought out features, coupled with the manufacturing practices followed, allows this manufacturer to offer a worthwhile product.

Stanley garage door opener plus their other items are worth buying for commercial establishments needing a safe and sound working environment. Having this secured arrangement takes off the load on the minds of owners of companies.

Find Stanley Garage Door Opener And Parts With Ease

Having looked for it all around and on not finding it, you have no other option but to get another Stanley garage door opener. Ideally, you should have bought two when you first bought the door opener, so that one would remain in the car all the time and the other is kept in the house. But, perhaps you have no idea from where to get the replacement. In all probability the garage door and opener were installed when the house was constructed long ago. Anyway don’t fret. You won’t be required to park you car in the driveway for long. Just be in the Internet for a while and you will surely be able to order a new one.

These valued remotes can easily be procured from many online stores for less than $20 plus shipping. Most of these will also offer you the key fob edition too. However, the remote that you get online may not be exactly the same as you lately lost, but a general one that would work on the 310 MHz frequency and can be programmed using 10 dip switches.

Apart from providing you with The Stanley garage door opener and garage door opener parts online, same online stores can also provide you with outside keypads, gear sets and lubricants to ensure a smooth operation of your door. You may also order for coupling kits, gear cover kits, and tube support. It’s quite customary for many users to check for worn out parts when conducting their periodic inspections or washing of doors on a half-yearly basis.

Since long Stanley garage doors have continued to enjoy the confidence of consumers and you can easily get their remote control openers and parts. This is one feature of garage door openers that you can’t afford to neglect. What’s the point in spending on something for the safety of your possession if you are unable to get its replacement parts easily? Easy availability of standard parts certainly matters.

So, in case you happen to lose your remote, or the springs get rusted or the light cover is busted, you don’t have to worry if you are using a Stanley product. You can buy all these and other replacement parts from any reputed hardware store or you may just order the requirements online. And, that’s one more advantage of buying a brand that sells.

Basics On The Stanley Company

Homeowners often have a garage for parking the car. Ask anyone with a car and a garage and they will accept that it’s quite a pain to get out of the car for opening and closing of the doors of the garage. And, that pain is all the more pronounced at the end of a hard day’s work as also in winters. But this exercise of getting out of the car every time you need to use the car can be overcome by installing a Stanley garage door opener.

Moreover, it also provides an additional protection when you enter or leave your garage each day. You can safely open the garage door from your car, rather than exposing yourself to harm and your car to theft.

Should you be looking for a dependable and long lasting garage opening system, it may interest you to learn that Stanley builds some of the best available in the market. Though a majority of the present models are for commercial applications, they do produce some very good models for residences too. Especially, their chain drive models are considered to be the best in the industry. That’s because this model needs no lubrication, meaning there is virtually no maintenance required, as is the case with most other models.

Over and above that, the wireless keyboards are very easy to use. You may install the opener on your own, as it needs no special tools for the purpose. You just need to have a screwdriver and mounting screws for holding the actual opening device onto the roof of the garage, and connecting it to the hinge of the door.

Now that completes the arrangement, which you can control from the remote, kept in your car. Now you don’t have to get in or out of the car to open or close the door.

Sadly, the Stanley Company pulled its shutters down a couple of years back. Yet, many retailers still offer and service different models and replacement parts.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of buying such a product, you may choose to deal with the industry leader, Genie garage door openers. They manufacture a variety of models that are easily installed without any professional help. Further, they provide a strong guarantee for all of their goods. You may order the item online or buy from one of the big retailers like Home Depot, Sears, or Lowe’s.